FAQ - Offer/Acceptance of Commission

Offer/acceptance of commission as a reward for referral of business is a common commercial practice.  However, will this practice contravene the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance?
The Portal has newly uploaded three frequently asked questions on the topic for your better understanding on the relevant legal requirements.  Please click here to view the details.

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Corruption Prevention Toolkit for Catering Industry (30/10/2017)

In collaboration with the catering industry, the ICAC has produced a “Corruption Prevention Toolkit for Catering Industry” (the Toolkit) to assist all stakeholders to prevent corruption in the catering industry.  The Toolkit provides guidance on the key legal and probity requirements, and practical tips for corruption prevention in relation to the daily operations of the catering industry.

 The Portal has newly uploaded the full version and concise version of the Toolkit.  
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Red Flags - Inventory Management (29/9/2017)

Each and every company has to maintain a certain level of inventories.  Any pilferage, improper disposal, or mishandling of inventories results in financial loss and increases the operational costs of a company.  Valuable and high level of inventories, in particular, may easily be targeted by unscrupulous persons. 
The Portal has newly uploaded some red flags in inventory management.  These are warning signs which by themselves may not constitute cases of fraud or corruption but indicate an area where management oversight is required to safeguard against fraud and corruption.  Please click here to view the details. 
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Quick Tips - An Effective Anti-corruption Programme (31/8/2017)

In order to prevent, detect and deter corruption, we encourage a company to implement an anti-corruption programme, taking into account the requirements of all applicable laws, in particular the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance.   
The Portal has newly uploaded some quick tips on the essential components of an effective anti-corruption programme for private companies.  Please click here to view the details.
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Case Studies - Procurement (28/7/2017)

Procurement of goods and services is essential to a company’s operation and often involves substantial expenditure.  From the ICAC’s experience, it is one of the vulnerable business functions most susceptible to corrupt manipulation and malpractice.  Any corruption in procurement not only brings financial losses to a company, but also adversely affects its business reputation. 
The Portal has newly uploaded two procurement cases, namely “Leakage of Tender Information” and “Use of Bogus Invoices”.  These case scenarios are drawn up based on actual corruption cases.  Please click here to view the details.
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