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Tips for Good Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting under the Anti-Corruption Aspect (31/10/2018)

Apart from financial performance, investors nowadays also tend to focus on listed companies’ performance in corporate governance.  A comprehensive corporate anti-bribery management system is a key element of good corporate governance.  The ICAC published in 2016 an “Anti-Corruption Programme – A Guide for Listed Companies” to provide guidance to Hong Kong listed companies in establishing/implementing their anti-bribery management systems.  This year, to further assist listed companies in enhancing the quality of their disclosure under the anti-corruption aspect, we have developed a user-friendly supplementary leaflet to the Guide on the tips for good environmental, social and governance reporting under anti-corruption aspect, covering the recommended core elements for disclosure. 
The Guide and the leaflet have been uploaded on this Corruption Prevention Advisory Service (CPAS) Portal.