Subscription Guidelines

These Guidelines introduce the Integrity Charter and subscription procedures.

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Subscription Form

This subscription form should be filled out by construction companies interested to join the Integrity Charter and returned to the Secretariat.  The subscription will commence on 24.9.2021.

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Poster for Integrity Charter

This poster outlines the Integrity Charter.

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Integrity Charter Launching Ceremony (24.9.2021) Programme

This programme sets out the rundown of the Integrity Charter Launching Ceremony.

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Sample Integrity Policy

This sample Policy sets out the key probity provisions expected of subscribers of the Integrity Charter.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These FAQs provide answers to frequent questions or concerns about the Integrity Charter.

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Integrity Training Calendar

This calendar shows the integrity training courses available for joining by construction companies.

Integrity Risk Management (IRM)

Construction companies can obtain more information about integrity risk management here.

List of Construction Companies Subscribed to the Integrity Charter

This list contains the construction companies subscribed to the Integrity Charter.

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