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Mr Kenny Fok and Mr Chan Chi Chiu

A New Milestone in the Registration Requirement – Implementation of "Integrity Management" in the Construction Industry

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and the Construction Industry Council (CIC) jointly held a press interview regarding the implementation of “Integrity Management” registration requirement on 29 September 2022.  While the Assistant Director of the Corruption Prevention Department (CPD) Mr Kenny Fok shared the work of ICAC in promulgating the Integrity Management System (IMS), the adoption of IMS and its outcome in the construction industry, the Chairperson of CIC’s Committee on Registered Specialist Trade Contractors’ Scheme Ir Chan Chi Chiu also recognised the IMS requirements would enhance the integrity of registered specialist trade contractors and registered subcontractors.  Mr Fok encouraged the industry to adopt the Integrity Risk Management (IRM) and he also introduced the first short corruption prevention training video on IRM produced by CPD.
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