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Corruption Prevention Guide for Construction Industry

Corruption Prevention Guide for Construction Industry (26/8/2023)

Corruption in the construction industry resulting in substandard works would seriously threaten public safety and undermine public confidence in the quality of works projects.  Despite the difficulty to quantify the direct cost of corruption, corruption in construction industry will increase operating and material costs, demoralise staff members, and damage overall business performance of the organisation concerned.

The Corruption Prevention Advisory Service (CPAS) of the ICAC has recently uploaded to the Portal the “Corruption Prevention Guide for Construction Industry".  The Guide consolidates the three existing best practice checklists (BPCs), namely Management of Works Consultancies, Letting and Administration of Works Contracts; and Construction Quality Control Testing, into one Corruption Prevention Guide.  Case studies are added to better illustrate the corruption risks in construction industry.  Please click here to view the Guide.