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Sales Operation

  1. Frequent use of the same membership card for earning bonus points within a short period of time (e.g. within the same day).
  2. [Potential malpractice: A staff member may use his/her own membership card or that of his/her relatives or friends to earn bonus points when a customer makes purchase without membership card.]

  3. Frequent use of the same credit card to make purchases within a short period of time (e.g. within the same day).
  4. [Potential malpractice: When a customer pays by cash, a staff member may settle the payment by his/her credit card to earn bonus points. He/she may also pocket the difference if the credit card holder of a particular bank can enjoy a certain discount.]

  5. Exceptionally high refund cases at one store, or handled by one particular staff, when compared with the other stores/branches of the same operator.
  6. [Potential malpractice: A compromised staff member may ignore the company’s refund policy (e.g. by giving full refund for used or damaged items).]

  7. Although the store offers no special commission for sales of any products, a staff member keeps promoting to customers a particular product.
  8. [Potential malpractice: The sales staff member may have accepted illegal rebate for promoting that particular product.]

  9. The promotional period of a particular product is unreasonably short.
  10. [Potential malpractice: A compromised staff may favour a limited number of customers to enjoy the discount.]

  11. Popular items not replenished from the store’s warehouse in time.
  12. [Potential malpractice: A staff may hoard the items for personal gain or sell the items to colluded customers.]