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Inventory Management

1.    Exceptionally high consumption rate of an inventory item.

[Potential malpractice: A staff member may have exaggerated the quantity required and pocketed the spare for personal gain.]

2.    Frequent loss of inventory items (especially those expensive items) against the inventory record.

[Potential malpractice: A staff member may have stolen or improperly disposed of the inventory items.]

3.    Frequent delay in updating the inventory movement records by a particular staff member.

[Potential malpractice: A staff member may buy time to cover up stolen items.]

4.    Increase in the number of customer complaints on the quality of goods delivered.

[Potential malpractice: A compromised staff member and/or outsourced transport worker may have substituted the goods with substandard ones in the midway.]

5.    Consumption rate of raw materials used in a production line does not tally with the product output.

[Potential malpractice: A staff member may have pilfered the raw materials.]

6.    Quantity of items issued by a particular warehouse staff member is higher than normal.

[Potential malpractice: A warehouse staff member may have falsified the issue record to cover up misappropriation of items.]

7.    Users complain about the poor quality of goods received from a supplier.

[Potential malpractice: A staff member may turn a blind eye to substandard goods for a bribe.]