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1.    Missing vouchers (e.g. receipts, invoices) or vouchers are not issued in sequential order.

[Potential malpractice: A staff member may have pocketed the cash received or made unauthorised payments for his personal gain.]

2.    There are many ambiguous transactions (e.g. other expense, miscellaneous) in the accounts.

[Potential malpractice: A staff member may have embezzled the funds of the company and falsified transactions to cover up.]

3.    Staff members always barely meet the performance indicators (e.g. a sales target) which are used for assessing the bonuses to be awarded.

[Potential malpractice: Colluded staff members may accept/offer bribes in return for referral of business among themselves to meet the performance indicators for bonuses.]

4.    Always unable to provide original receipts for payment claims or reimbursement of expenses.

[Potential malpractice: A staff member may have made fraudulent claims for non-existent or inflated expenses.]

5.    Same amount of payments are made to the same company/supplier repeatedly.

[Potential malpractice: A compromised staff member may collude with the company/supplier to claim payments for same services/items repeatedly.]