Case Study - Construction Industry (29/7/2019)

Every year, billions of dollars are spent on the construction of new buildings and infrastructure in Hong Kong.  Corruption, if exists, in the construction process would lead to the dire consequences of unsafe buildings and cost overrun, not least the violation of laws.  Therefore, a sound corruption prevention system in the construction process and high integrity standards of practitioners are vital for assuring public safety and the construction costs are well spent.  They also protect the reputation of the construction industry. 

The Portal has uploaded two case studies on construction industry, namely “Connivance with Substandard Works” and “Substitution of Test Samples”, to its web portal.  These case scenarios are drawn up based on actual corruption cases.  Please click here to view the details.
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Anti-corruption Tips for Doing Business Overseas (7/5/2019)

Apart from the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance, companies/organisation should also comply with the relevant local laws and regulations when doing business overseas. 
The Portal has newly uploaded some anti-corruption tips for companies/organisations to do business overseas to the Portal.  Please click here to view the details.
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Tips for NGOs - Management of Conflict of Interest (15/1/2019)

Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs), receiving government subsidies or public donations for providing various social services, are expected to abide by a high integrity standard in their operations. Any conflict of interest involved by board members or staff of an NGO, if not properly managed, will lead to a breach of public trust, tarnish the goodwill of the NGO, or even constitute a criminal offence under the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance.  In collaboration with the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, the ICAC have developed a user-friendly leaflet on the tips for managing conflict of interest for reference by NGO board members and senior management. 
The leaflet has been uploaded on this Corruption Prevention Advisory Service (CPAS) Portal. 
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Tips for Good Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting under the Anti-Corruption Aspect (31/10/2018)

Apart from financial performance, investors nowadays also tend to focus on listed companies’ performance in corporate governance.  A comprehensive corporate anti-bribery management system is a key element of good corporate governance.  The ICAC published in 2016 an “Anti-Corruption Programme – A Guide for Listed Companies” to provide guidance to Hong Kong listed companies in establishing/implementing their anti-bribery management systems.  This year, to further assist listed companies in enhancing the quality of their disclosure under the anti-corruption aspect, we have developed a user-friendly supplementary leaflet to the Guide on the tips for good environmental, social and governance reporting under anti-corruption aspect, covering the recommended core elements for disclosure. 
The Guide and the leaflet have been uploaded on this Corruption Prevention Advisory Service (CPAS) Portal.  

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Case Studies - Estate Agency Trade (29/3/2018)

In Hong Kong, the service provided by estate agency companies is of great public interest and most property transactions are brought about by the estate agents or salespersons they employ.  It is important that all estate agency companies, estate agents and salespersons work in an honest and prudent manner to protect their clients’ best interest, and the reputation of estate agency trade. 
The Portal has uploaded three cases on estate agency trade, namely “Solicitation/Acceptance of Illegal Commission from Clients”, “Solicitation of Illegal Commission from Subordinates” and “Diverting Business to Another Estate Agency” to the Portal.  These case scenarios are drawn up based on actual corruption cases.  Please click here to view the details. 
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