Corruption Prevention Measures for Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) (06/11/2023)

MiC is a construction method involving off-site fabrication of modules with finishes, fixtures and fittings, etc. in factories normally outside Hong Kong and the modules are then transported to site for assembly.  Given the special features of MiC, integrity risks have been shifted.  Project clients and their consultants should put in place adequate corruption prevention measures when undertaking MiC projects.

The Corruption Prevention Advisory Service (CPAS) of the ICAC has recently uploaded to the Portal a series of animated videos “Corruption Prevention Measures for Modular Integrated Construction” covering integrity risks and recommended mitigating measures in three aspects, namely integrity management, fabrication at MiC factory and processing after fabrication.  Please click here to view the details.
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Corruption Prevention Guide for Construction Industry (26/8/2023)

Corruption in the construction industry resulting in substandard works would seriously threaten public safety and undermine public confidence in the quality of works projects.  Despite the difficulty to quantify the direct cost of corruption, corruption in construction industry will increase operating and material costs, demoralise staff members, and damage overall business performance of the organisation concerned.

The Corruption Prevention Advisory Service (CPAS) of the ICAC has recently uploaded to the Portal the “Corruption Prevention Guide for Construction Industry".  The Guide consolidates the three existing best practice checklists (BPCs), namely Management of Works Consultancies, Letting and Administration of Works Contracts; and Construction Quality Control Testing, into one Corruption Prevention Guide.  Case studies are added to better illustrate the corruption risks in construction industry.  Please click here to view the Guide.
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Corruption Prevention Tips on Kindergartens’ Operations (8/7/2022)

Kindergartens should operate with integrity and avoid risks of corruption and abuse.  To help kindergartens strengthen the anti-corruption measures in their daily operations, the Corruption Prevention Advisory Service (CPAS) of the ICAC published, in five series, corruption prevention tips on kindergartens’ governance and various operations.  Please click here to download the Toolkit. 
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Cases for the Insurance Sector – Red Flags and Good Tips (29/12/2021)

Being an important element of the diversified financial businesses, the insurance industry in Hong Kong is experiencing a rapid growth as a regional insurance hub. This stems from insurance companies’ continuous efforts in brand building and winning customers’ confidence. As the insurance sector in Hong Kong is getting more and more relevant to our lives and well-being, it is imperative for insurance companies to be vigilant in upholding a high integrity standard and to take a proactive stance against corruption in order to secure customers’ confidence, and sustain the stable and healthy development of the industry.
In view of the above, the Corruption Prevention Advisory Service (CPAS)of the ICAC has recently uploaded three case studies regarding the insurance industry, making reference to past corruption cases, to the Portal to illustrate the corruption risks and red flags in the core operations of an insurance company, as well as recommended system control measures to help company reduce the risks of staff / insurance intermediaries engaging in corrupt activities.  Please click here to view the details.
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Dedicated Webpage of Integrity Charter (8/10/2021)

With the goal of upholding professionalism and integrity of the construction industry, the ICAC, the Development Bureau and the Construction Industry Council have jointly launched the Integrity Charter on 24 September 2021. Construction companies are invited to join the Integrity Charter through the implementation of a self-regulated Integrity Management System (IMS), which consists of three components, namely Integrity Policy, Integrity Training and Integrity Risk Management.

The Corruption Prevention Advisory Service (CPAS) of the ICAC has recently launched a dedicated webpage for the “Integrity Charter”, which contains the subscription guidelines and form, and details of the IMS components. Please click here to view the details.
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