“Integrity Management Award” for the Construction Industry

The Director of Corruption Prevention Mr Bryan Chong attended the Construction Industry Council (CIC) Outstanding Contractor Award 2024 Launching Ceremony on 6 March 2024, and introduced the “Integrity Management Award” jointly launched by the ICAC and CIC.  The purpose of the award is to enhance the integrity management of the construction industry and encourage stakeholders to carry out corruption prevention work.  A judging panel will select up to three major contractors with the best performance on integrity management to receive this honour.  The ICAC appeals to the construction industry stakeholders to join the Construction Industry Integrity Charter 2.0, build a road of integrity together with the ICAC under the theme of “Fighting Corruption: The Mission Continues”, so as to tell the good probity story of Hong Kong.

Participation guidelines of the CIC Outstanding Contractor Award 2024 and relevant information of the Integrity Management Award are available at 
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Commitment to Anti-corruption through Industry Collaboration

To promote integrity management and a probity culture in the construction industry, the ICAC has teamed up with the Development Bureau (DevB) and the Construction Industry Council (CIC) in launching the Building a Clean and Fair Construction Industry Through Collaboration Anti-Corruption Summit and Commitment to Action Agenda on 4 May 2023 at the CIC Zero Carbon Park at Kowloon Bay, which was attended in person by around 90 leaders, company directors, managerial staff and practitioners of the construction industry, while about 2,000 practitioners joined online.  

Mr Ricky Lai Wai-ki, the Assistant Director of Corruption Prevention, hosted a panel session on corruption prevention and integrity management in the construction industry during the summit.  Mr Lai and four panel speakers, Ir Tony Ho Ying-kit, the Principal Assistant Secretary (Works) of the DEVB, Ir Ricky Leung Wing-kee, the Executive Director, Engineering & Technology of Airport Authority Hong Kong, Mr Kwok Yim, the Chairman of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Hong Kong and Sr Eddie Lam Kin-wing, the President of Hong Kong Construction Association, shared with participants their experiences in implementing the Integrity Management System, the benefits of joining the Construction Industry Integrity Charter 2.0 and ways to enhance the sector’s corruption prevention awareness.  They called on the industry to actively participate in the Charter and adopt the Integrity Management System by implementing integrity policies, integrity trainings and integrity risk management to enhance their capacity in resisting corruption.

For subscription guidelines and form regarding the Construction Industry Integrity Charter 2.0, and details of the IMS components, please visit to view the details.
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ICAC Hosts First Tailored High-level Professional Training Course for Senior Bank Managers

The ICAC has organised the “Professional Anti-Corruption Training in Banking Management” (the Course) on 30 and 31 March 2023, which was attended by representatives of over 30 locally licensed banks, including the note-issuing banks in Hong Kong.  As the first pilot project of the International Anti-corruption Academy, Hong Kong, to be set up by the ICAC, the Course was the first-ever high-level professional anti-corruption training programme in Hong Kong featuring real corruption case analysis.  Divided into three main themes: detecting corruption, corruption prevention and building and fostering an ethical culture in a bank, the Course promoted the ICAC’s three-pronged approach of enforcement, prevention and education in anti-corruption work in the banking sector and aimed at enhancing the professional standard of the banking industry, and establishing an even more transparent, cleaner and effective financial system in Hong Kong. 

The Course was supported by regulatory and financial advisory bodies of the banking sector, all of which have been the ICAC’s valued partners in promoting a probity culture.  Guest speakers included Executive Director (Banking Conduct) of Hong Kong Monetary Authority Mr Alan Au Yuk Lun and Head of Policy Research of the Financial Services Development Council Dr Rocky Tung Yat Ngok.  The ICAC also invited Legislative Council member Mr Ronick Chan Chun Ying, representing the Finance Functional Constituency, to officiate at the closing ceremony.  

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Launching Ceremony on Supporting Construction Industry Integrity Charter 2.0 for Repair, Maintenance, Alteration and Additional Work Trade

The Assistant Director of the Corruption Prevention Department (CPD) Mr Kenny Fok delivered a speech at Repair, Maintenance, Alteration and Additional (RMAA) Thematic Talks and Launching Ceremony on “Supporting Construction Industry Integrity Charter 2.0” organised by the Construction Industry Council on 31 March 2023.  This event aims to encourage construction companies and consultants in RMAA work trade to implement the Integrity Management System and join the Construction Industry Integrity Charter 2.0 to uphold and enhance the professionalism and integrity of the construction industry.  During the two-and-a-half-day event, information booth was also set up to introduce the Construction Industry Integrity Charter 2.0 and promote corruption prevention resources on building maintenance to the participants, and disseminate anti-corruption messages to the public through games.  
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Tell the World the Good Stories of Hong Kong – Start A New Chapter of Integrity : Construction Industry Charter 2.0 Now Open to Consulting Firms

Jointly launched by ICAC, the Development Bureau (DEVB) and the Construction Industry Council (CIC) in September 2021, the Integrity Charter has received vibrant support from the construction industry. As of November 2022, more than 240 construction companies have joined the Integrity Charter to self-regulate and implement an Integrity Management System (IMS).
Apart from construction companies, consulting firms are key stakeholders in the construction industry. To further uphold and enhance professionalism and integrity of the construction industry, the Integrity Charter is renamed as Construction Industry Integrity Charter 2.0 on 23 December 2022 and it is now open for subscription by consulting firms.  To commemorate this important event, we are honored to have Mr Woo Ying-ming – the ICAC Commissioner, Ir Lau Chun-kit, Ricky - DEVB Permanent Secretary for Development (Works), Ir Ho On-sing, Thomas - CIC Chairman and Ir Cheng Ting-ning, Albert - CIC Executive Director to announce the launch of the Construction Industry Integrity Charter 2.0 on video.  Please click the link here to watch the video.
For subscription guidelines and form regarding the Construction Industry Integrity Charter 2.0, and details of the IMS components, please visit to view the details.
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