Corruption Prevention Seminar for Catering Industry

The ICAC collaborated with the four major catering industry associations to develop a user-friendly Corruption Prevention Toolkit for Catering Industry (the Toolkit) as well as a training module for incorporation in professional training programmes of the industry to further enhance their knowledge of corruption prevention.  To promote the Toolkit, the ICAC organised a trade-wide Seminar for Catering Industry with the partnering associations in April 2018, covering the anti-bribery legislation, corruption risks and the related system safeguards in their daily operations such as food purchase, sales operations, inventory management and staff administration.  The seminar was attended by nearly 200 industry practitioners who are mostly senior management from individual catering companies, hotel groups and catering suppliers.  Please refer to the Toolkit and the Summary Kit on this Corruption Prevention Advisory Service (CPAS) Portal.  CPAS also offer corruption prevention advice and training to the industry.  Please contact us if we can further assist. See More